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There can be no argument that cloud services take up is growing exponentially with expectations that most businesses
will begin to utilise cloud services instead of in-house solutions in the next few years. However with this migration, control
can be lost, especially when businesses look to utilise public cloud service offerings.

Minder takes a more human approach to offering your business a cloud solution. To us, it's not just about the technology,
it's also about giving you piece of mind. Minder is looking after your business, not just your data.

Focusing on your business is not enough without the backend to support your needs. This is why Minder has
taken a best of breed approach and is built on the latest Flexpod DataCentre technology, using validated design
principles and industry leading technology from Cisco and NetApp. This allows us to deliver a cost effective,
secure and reliable cloud solution, located in two datacentre locations for maximum resiliency.

Careful consideration has been given to ensure that our hosted solutions deliver superior reliability
and performance to our clients, allowing them the flexibility to work where they want, when they want.

Minder Secure Cloud Services

Our Minder Secure Cloud Services hosts your virtual server instances, out of a flexible pool of Cloud CPU, RAM and Hard Disk resources as required.
On-Demand virtual server instances that are Scalable, flexible, and available as a monthly subscription.
Minder Secure Cloud Services are hosted in a number of data centres with entire system replication, this means our clients information is safe and always accessible.

Minder Secure Cloud Services consists of the following elements:
> Utilises Data Centre Grade Cisco Flexpod Infrastructure
> Latest Microsoft Windows Server Operating System
> Replicated Data Centres for both Computing Power and Storage
> Unlimited bandwidth within the Minder Managed Network
> Support available for non Microsoft Operating Systems
> Redundant Cisco Networking equipment and managed firewall service
> High Speed NetApp SAN Storage

Our Services

Minder Cloud Services

Minder have deployed dual datacentres built on a Flexpod DataCentre validate design. This design utilises Cisco Unified Computing System servers, NetApp unified storage systems, and a Cisco Nexus interconnect fabric to provide a truly robust and scalable solution. This ensures your hosted server has access to the resources required to provide you with an optimal user experience.

Minder Managed Services

Minder takes the risk out of on-site backups by providing a reliable automated, cloud backup service at the Newcastle-based Data Centre. Using an encrypted tunnel via an existing internet connection, a mirror image is taken of your system each day. This ensures that when disaster strikes, your data is readily available to get you back up and running with minimum downtime.

Minder Comms

Minder utilises MPLS Layer 2 network technology to deliver superior performance, security and manageability when connecting to your cloud services. Minder have partnered with a number of wholesale carriers to ensure the fastest and most cost effective connectivity solution can be delivered to your business locations.

Minder vPABX

Minder Virtual PABX is a fully managed cloud-based IP-PABX service designed to better manage your business communications.


So why should you move your business to Minder Cloud Services?

1. Instant Scalability and Flexibility
The ability to respond quickly to meet business demands is crucial for all businesses. In Minder Cloud Services you will be able to increase the amount of space you need as your business grows. You will never have to worry about running out of capacity and the cost of expensive hardware upgrades.

2. Disaster Recovery
Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? Most businesses usually store their data on a tape or hard drive every day and then is taken to an offsite location. In Minder Cloud Services you our clients will no longer require complex disaster recovery plans. We will back up your data every night for safe keeping in our highly secured offsite Datacentre. And if disaster was to happen, your data is safe and available to you.

3. Automatic Software Updates
In Minder Cloud Services you will no longer be 1 or 2 versions behind, you will automatically have access to the latest software versions.

4. Monthly Fixed Fee - No Unexpected Costs
In Minder Cloud Services you simply pay as you go for each user. As your business grows and you need more space or have new users then we would simply increase your server space remotely with no need for additional hardware. Minder also offers 24/7 Minder Help Desk support for when you need to talk to one of our tech guys.

5. Improved Communication
Minder Cloud Services allows our clients, regardless of where they are, to share and work on documents and shared applications simultaneously in real time.

6. Work from Anywhere at Anytime
As long our clients have internet access, Minder Cloud Services gives them the opportunity to work from anywhere at any time. For some businesses, this benefit has already shown cost savings. For example, with more and more employees working remotely, the need and cost for office space is reduced. In addition, the potential to offer employees flexible work arrangements can improve work-life balance and boost productivity.

7. Better Collaboration
Sharing documents and keeping track of changes can be frustrating. In Minder Cloud Services everyone works off the one document. Individuals within the business can make changes while talking to each other in real time. This saves time and minimises mistakes.

8. Improved Security
Losing your laptop or have your computer damaged does not have to be disastrous. With Minder Cloud Services you data can still be accessed no matter what happen to your actual computer.

9. Environmentally Friendly
Clients in Minder Cloud Services use only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. This results in less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using onsite servers. Better for the environment and reduced energy costs for your business.

Proactive Server Monitoring

Protect your business and minimise downtime by detecting issues before they become problems. With Minder PSM you can be sure our team will identify and resolve issues on your server before you even know they exist.

Minder Disaster Recovery

Eliminate external hard drives and tape with a fast and affordable online backup solution. Simplify the backup and recovery of your most critical systems, applications and data. On-premises backups are slow, and prone to errors or hardware failures. Minder Disaster Recovery and Backup Service ensures online backups are fast, highly available, and efficient.

Enterprise-class Features:
Minder Disaster Recovery and Backup Service intelligently protects your systems centrally for your most important enterprise applications and virtual environments. Online backups are optimised to provide the fastest and most reliable recovery possible, at an affordable cost.

Security-minded, Reliability-Focused
Backups are encrypted in transit and when stored online in our enterprise grade data centre. Minder Disaster Recovery and Backup Service provides redundancy and reliability, so backup and recovery is possible with or without an Internet connection.

Happier Customers
With Minder Disaster Recovery and Backup Service, your business has easy way to secure its data, removing the hassle and stress your staff may have with on-premises backup solutions. By utilising Minder Disaster Recovery and Backup Service, backup and disaster recovery testing is now a ‘set and forget’ reality.

Get Your Online Backup Started with Minder Disaster Recovery and Backup Service
> Reliable Online Backup and Recovery - Protect your critical data efficiently, reliably, and securely in the cloud.
> Simple and Secure Backup Management – Backups are Centrally monitored in our Network Operations Centre (NOC).
> Disaster Recovery Testing – Three scheduled disaster recovery tests are performed annually to ensure a trouble free recovery is available.

Minder NBN Internet

Minder is a secure IP private network dedicated to deliver superior performance, security and manageability when connecting to your cloud services. We are a NBN Retail service provider. We are network integrator to ensure the fastest and most cost effective connectivity solution can be delivered to your business locations.

Minder NBN Internet Features:
> Dedicated ‘Business Only’ Internet Users.
> Secure Layer 2 Private Network.
> High speed NBN, Ethernet and Fibre access depending On availability.
> Ability to securely connect remote branch offices.

For more information please contact us using the options below.

Minder vPABX

Minder Virtual PABX is a fully managed cloud-based IP-PABX service designed to better manage your business communications.

Minder vPABX Features:
> Is a fully hosted cloud-based IP-PABX service.
> Simple Flat Pricing Structure.
> Unlimited local and national calls and calls to mobiles (within Australia).
> Service is Internet Provider Independent.
> Choose from a selection of Soft Phones, Handsets and Conference Phones.
> Extensive list of inclusions such as VoiceMail, Call Forwarding and Disaster Recovery Features.

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