Our Values

We are not a company exclusively focused on the bottom line. We are bound by a set of values that firmly establishes our strong work ethic, social conscience and customer-centric approach. 

The Minder value system is identified by a holistic idea of what constitutes 'success'. It's not just business success; it's about people, community, collaboration and innovation both inside and outside our company. 


At Minder, trust and transparency is what sets us apart from the rest. We want to ensure you are always comfortable not only with the service we're providing, but with the company culture we're proud to offer. 


We are committed to investing in the people we hire, and watching the company thrive because of them. We take a people-first approach, separating us from competitors and ensuring employees are so good they could leave, but so valued they don't want to. 


IT doesn't have to be boring! When you contact Minder, you don't get bland and boring. We're here to encourage excitement around what our service offering is, and continue a sense of fun in our office. 


We are nothing without innovation. And innovation is only born when employees are healthy in mind, body and spirit. We are dedicated to nurturing personal and professional growth through training, offering healthy meal options and paid gym memberships. 


From the Minder team working cohesively as one united unit, to us then extending that level of teamwork and collaboration with our customers, it's all about teamwork. Alone we are nothing, together we can do anything. 


As much as we care about the success of our company, we are aware that it means nothing without the support of community, and our ability to give back. We are embedded in many community initiatives, particularly sports clubs. 

We offer non-threatening conversations to businesses around successful IT outcomes.


Everyday is an opportunity to discover new possibilities. Our employees are set up for work and life success. 

We don’t just hire employees to work, we work with them to facilitate optimal career outcomes, managed with a balanced, healthy life in the workplace and beyond. 

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